Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Post

This is my first official blog post.

I have trouble being open about myself because I feel self-involved. That's not to say the act of blogging or introspection is self-indulgent, I mean I, personally, tend to examine myself in a way that seems egotistical (or so it appears to me.) You know, things like "I finished this product and I'm happy with how it turned out, but I'm not sure if I should put it on the internet for other people to see. I'm worried people won't like it as much as I do. Oh, I have so many trivial problems...etc." That sort of thing. And look, I'm posting this on the internet for other people to see! So we know how that dilemma was resolved, don't we? I'm going to avoid using emoticons. I'll allow myself just one, then it's over. XD Okay, done.

Today I was snowed inside my house. This is a travesty for me, because I visit Panera Bread literally everyday. And while there I take excessive advantage of the free soda refills and get work done on ye olde laptoppe. But today not only was it too dangerous to drive around, but the establishment was CLOSED. I didn't even have the option of walking. But I did venture out to find soda to bring back home. So I walked to a Family Video, stocked up, came back and started a blog. Yay progress! More later. :D CRAP! Emoticon! I can't go back and erase him now. Look how happy he is. He's existentially content. I can't take away the right to exist from anything that happy. Fail.

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