Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sugar Water

Sometimes I think people don't take sugar seriously enough. Think about it, what flavor is superior to sweetness? I guess salty could go toe-to-toe up against sweet, but nothing else. Those are the only two rival flavors. We've been enjoying sweetness since the dawn of man. Let's look at fruit as an example. They're the ripened ovaries of plants, brightly colored, slathered in sugar, dropped from trees in abundance. It's like the plants throw their seeds at us saying "Look, I sugar coated my children, eat their surroundings! It's free! Just make sure you leave the seeds on the ground when you're done." If there's one thing we know we're supposed to eat, it's fruit. Everything else has to be carefully extracted. We pull of parts of plants, uproot them, pluck off their limbs; we shoot and kill animals, eat their eggs, process other plants to make bread... etc. You just eat fruit the way it is, plain and simple.

So from the glucose of fruit we move to sugar cane. There aren't many people who don't like sugar. And those who don't are either annoying health freaks or losers who like to sound cool by avoiding sweet foods. I like the idea of sugar, especially soda. We don't care about health. We market happiness. Little sparkly cans of color that do nothing but feed our basic pleasures. We sell them in MASSIVE quantities, with beautiful packaging. Don't think about the negative--the poor health, the addiction, etc. Think about the fact that we, as humans, have created a mass market of simple pleasures. And a lot of those pleasures mimic basic fruit flavors. Citrus, grape, orange, cherry. We're just capitalizing on what the plants throw at our feet, turning them into tasty canisters of sweetness. I'm proud of it.

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