Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wicked Winter

As much as I want to admit to somebody that I love winter just to be different from the 90% of humans who like summer better, it's just not true. I've been talking to my girlfriend about this as winter comes to a too-sudden close; I just love everything about it. I find myself counting down the days until winter comes, and it feels literally a fraction of the length of summer (because of the whole relative time thing, time flies when you're having fun, blah blah). My mood is significantly worse all summer long. I feel cranky, short-tempered, filthy, wet, oily, and often ill in hot weather. But let's not talk about the negative inverse of winter, let's talk about the positives of winter itself.


That's the obvious one. Like most people I like playing in it, I like the way it looks, etc. But I also like the idea of it coming in unexpectedly and changing our plans. Forcing us indoors, forcing people to stay home and snuggle. Saving people from school and work. Decorating the trees with heavy glitter, all that good stuff. I like when places close and you feel like the human race is dealing with a catastrophe, but with that "we're in this together" sort of feeling.


Winter just feels cleaner. I sweat more than most people, so with the temperature extra low I can prevent perspiration as much as possible. I don't have to shower as often, and in fact showering too often gives me dry skin. So it's an excuse to be lazy, thus saving time in the day. The outside smells delicious, the sky is always bright with white clouds, the bugs take a break... etc. During the summer I can smell the dirty ground. The grass shoots little heat rays at me, like every blade has heat vision, throwing their sweltering stink up at my face. It smells like poop and gross vegetables. In the winter time I can run and around and exercise, and it'll only help me warm up--not make me even hotter than already was. That's another thing, it's easy to bundle up for winter. You can put plenty of clothes on, plenty of blankets, scarves..etc. But in the summer you can only go so far without getting arrested.

No sun.

Along with the bugs and bears the sun takes a pretty long vacation too. Most of the time the sky is gray, which is nice. That puts everything in permanent shade. I don't have to wear sun screen or sunglasses, or anything like that. Plus the days are shorter, which I actually like. I like to do things at night.


Winter holidays pwn summer holidays. Halloween, Christmas, Vday and Thanksgiving kick the asses of Easter, Independence Day, Patty's Day and even my June Birthday.


This is a weird one. But one thing I love about winter is it's preservative qualities. You don't need to worry about leaving food in your car during winter, it'll keep cool on its own. Things don't break just by being left around in winter like they do in summer. You can leave technology in the car in December, and sure it'll get cold, but eventually it'll thaw out and be fine. In the summer, a laptop could meet it's demise after a mere thirty minutes in the hot sun. Plus water is automatically crisp and cool in winter, you don't need ice to avoid drinking gross warm tap water. And this kinda goes with Cleanliness, but I also feel better preserved in the winter. I feel like I can last longer during the day without hygiene problems, sleep, exhaustion... etc. The more energy you exert, the warmer you feel. During the summer it's a constant battle to reserve energy. Sucky.

Icy entertainment.

Ice is fun to play with. We all know it. I'll be the first to admit it. It's fun to look at sure, but it's also fun to break apart and crunch. Stepping on ice puddles = satisfying crunch. Breaking icicles off of things = a blast. Stomping around in half-frozen-half-melted-snow = bizarre and entertaining. The simple concept of ice is awesome and interesting. Suddenly things that were liquid are suddenly solid. Slippery, sloppy bodies of matter that we can't do much with are now touchable, breakable, movable, etc. Bodies of water become walkable surface areas, rain becomes mountains, cups of fluid become crystal cylinders. One day someone will invent a flash freezer and we'll be able to freeze things as quickly as we can microwave them. Or an ice lighter, where instead of flicking a wheel to get fire, you flick a switch and get a stream of super-nitro-glycerin-ice, or something. That's probably impossible, but awesome to think about.

There are probably other reasons why winter is awesome, but this has gone on long enough.

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