Friday, January 25, 2013

Finishing Up Creative Projects

I take pride in being a person who follows through with the projects I start. Not just some of them but all of them. So this week I've been driving myself to complete a bunch of personal creative projects I've been working on for a long time. And some of them I've been working on them for a loooong time.

Project List:

- My third Felix Frost music album: Phineas Flux
- Cutting up the full length film I made in college and uploading it to YouTube
- Uploading my updated pinball table, Rocket Derby

Those are the main side projects I've been doing. But I'm also right on the brink of finishing my novel, The Drench, which I've been working on for the past two semesters of grad school. I finished revising the second to last chapter today and I plan to do the final one tomorrow. Hooray!

But that's actually not what I'm most excited about. I'm eager to be done with the music album, because it's been in the works for... what is it? Three to four years now? I always make fun of bands and musicians who can't put out albums frequently, and now I'm one of them. But this isn't my job folks. In fact, I don't even take it that seriously. It's just a passion project. But that said, this album is excessively ambitious. It's 18 tracks long.

Phineas Flux is a half-way conceptual album wherein each pair of songs tells a story. So tracks one and two are about the same subject, three and four, five and six, and so on. There are stories about pirates, airplane battles, the wild west, you name it. And every song is written in a through-composed style, which means they all have fragmented parts that don't repeat. Listening to it is probably as exhausting as making it was. But I hope that it's fun and exciting anyway. I like to push the envelope and go all out with complex sounds and melodies. Not sure I nailed it, but you can be the judge when it's done.

You can listen to it here at my bandcamp page when it's up: There are some demos of songs on that page already.

Here's the prototype of the album cover. I'm going to replace the background image with one I took myself and put the title on it later.

And the pinball table I've already talked about. Just releasing an updated version with bug fixes and what not. I'll provide more details on the rest of the projects later. For now, it's back to work! Oh, I also have a blog now specifically for the pinball table:

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to stop by my YouTube page and watch some videos!

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