Friday, March 15, 2013

The Internet Calls to Me

There are so many things I want to do on the internet.

So many things I want to get BACK into doing.

I used to design SO many websites. Terrible, cheesy, middle-school websites, to be clear. But still... websites. Here are some links to some:

My fantasy fiction site:

My really old (really bad) personal site:

My old site about my cartoon character, Poodey:

A site about a children's mystery series I wrote:

It's obvious that all these sites were made by a tween, but still, I once knew how to make them. That's the point. I used to know html like a boss. The Poodey site is especially savvy in terms of sharp html skills (or at least it's better than the others). I need to rekindle that skill, even if it was never very developed.

I want to make a new personal website for myself and all the stuff I do. I mean, I make a LOT of digital content. Music, pinball tables, art, videos, fiction, poetry--etc. And it all needs a home. But I also want to make a wordpress site--and I may meld the two.

But I also have another idea for a fancy, professional blog. I'm not 100% sure what it will be about, but I want it to be a clean, serious blog like My impulse is to make it about the holy trinity: art, science, philosophy. But to cover all those topics intelligently and regularly would require help. My wife is a brilliant writer and a genius, so her help may be enough. But any time I'm on my computer, I feel like I should be just writing or working on music or something else. And that brings me to my main point for this blog:

I don't have time for all the cool internet stuff I want to do!!!

I also want to make a LinkedIn profile, because let's face it, I should have done that by now.

And I want to learn how to make GIFs. I used to know how, but the method has changed since middle school. It's much much different now and I think much easier.

I also want to make a website for my musician self--Felix Frost, though I take that less seriously.

So that leaves me with one question: where do I start?

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