Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jasper Song Bio

I decided to write a shadow song for SpinTunes for once! Because I had an idea for a song that fit the challenge perfectly.

It's called Jasper, and it's about a hotel concierge who falls in love with a prize fighter who's on the run from bookies.

You can listen to it here:

It's pretty a typical Felix Frost-style song. It's super noisy, full of whimsy, and has a LOT of counter melodies. Since I'm not competing this round, I decided I would just do the type of song I like to do. I have no patience for simple, quiet songs with one or fewer instruments accompanying the vocals; and inversely I have an obsession with exciting songs full of complexity and colorful sonic goodness. Like Moonjock by Animal Collective! (especially the second half)

That said, Jasper isn't meant to be strange or experimental in any way (unlike Moonjock). I have done that in the past of course, but any arty-ness or experimental sounds you think you hear are just me trying to make my song sound interesting. :P

Anyway, Jasper is from the perspective of an amorous hotel concierge (I wrote it as a gay man who falls madly in love with an uber-masculine boxer but I suppose you could imagine the narrator as anyone you want). Jasper, the prize fighter, is being accused of throwing a fight he was absolutely supposed to win, so he seeks refuge at a fancy hotel where the narrator takes him in, cleans him up and protects him. The narrator thinks Jasper simply lost the fight because he's at the end of a long career (I didn't really decide if Jasper was paid off to throw the fight; it doesn't matter to the narrator). While feeding and pampering Jasper and nursing him back to health, the narrator starts to find the boxer irresistible--regardless of whether or not Jasper feels the same way--or is even gay--OR even remotely cares about the narrator. It's obvious Jasper's just a toolbox meat head after his own interests.

I hope you enjoy the song!

-Felix Frost (Ben)

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